touch hover menu


Windows 8: Tested in IE10 with touch

li has a hover state to open inner menu ul. With li aria-haspopup="true" menu does open on first click of a element in li. A second click navigates to the link. A click elsewhere closes the menu again.

Seems an onclick event is fired on any click including the first one.

* Menu 3 has a different transition-duration on hover than in normal state. Seems to (sometimes?!) trip off IE10 touch which sometimes does not leave hover state for this item nor does close the menu. These different settings of normal and hover are probably a rare thing to do but still seems to be a bug. If you do not change the transition between states it it better.

Generally the behaviour in IE10 is a bit fiddly at times (e.g. *3), could not really find out why but generally it is a nice thing these kind of menus work by a simple addtion of a new attribute.

iOS: Tested in old iOS 4.2 on iPod Safari only

Again, first click open menu, second on same link navigates. But at least in 4.2 no way to close the menu?