computer CV

A history of which computers and languages I used over the years. Not complete but contains the stuff which was relevant in one aspect or another ;)

history of what I used
when what notes
2016 Microsoft Lumia 950 to try out Continuum
2015 Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 UWP apps
2015 Nokia Lumia 930
2014 Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 universal apps development of WinJS universal apps for both in basically HTML, CSS and Javascript is nice indeed
2014 WebGL now that almost any platform including IE and iOS almost ;) supports it looked into 3D a bit
2013 Windows RT on Surface 2
Windows Phone 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 920
upgraded both WinRT and WP8 devices. Am a developer after all ;) Higher resolution on both makes a difference but actually not as much as I thought
2013 Windows 8.1 great update, fixes a lot of details. I did like the original Win8 too though
2013 Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 720 very smooth OS on a really great midprice device
2012 Windows RT on Microsoft Surface great device and I do like the OS too (despite the hate of a lot of people who probably never tried it for more than 2 minutes)
2012 Windows 8 Metro Style Apps in Javascript development of OS apps with Javascript in Windows 8 is a great opportunity for a web developer
2012 Windows 8 actually the first Windows I used when it was not even final. I really like it despite or because of the bad press ;)
2011 nodeJS I like Javascript anyway and this is nice indeed
2011 mobile: iOS on iPad/iPhone job forced mobile iOS web app development on me ;)
2011 Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Development looked a bit into C#/XAML mobile Silverlight
2011 Windows Phone 7 on HTC Trophy best phone I've ever had (even with NoDo but soon Mango) and I'd rate this much higher than iOS or Android phones which I've seen but would not like to use personally...
2010 Mobile Web Development HTML, CSS, Javascript for modern mobile browsers on iOS (and Android) devices and hopefully IE9mobile soon too
2009 iOS on iPod touch (guess I don't like Apple stuff/idioms too much but) to try out the touch interface
2009 Windows 7 moved from Vista to Windows 7 which is much better indeed, WIN+... shortcuts are really nice (I did like Vista too though)
2009 Google App Engine developed a few simple but hopefully useful apps in Python
2009 Scala (a tiny bit...) also looked a bit into Scala. Looks nice but for my needs Python (or Jython) seem sufficient.
2008 Haskell (a tiny bit...) looked a bit into Haskell, not sure if this goes further
2007- jQuery one of the best Javascript libraries, used before but now quite heavily
2007- Windows Vista replaced XP with Vista just to be up to date what is happening (and I do like some effects and also SHIFT-rightclick/Copy as Path...)
2007- Ubuntu Linux finally installed Ubuntu 7.04 as double boot with Windows XP
2007- XSLT 2.0/XPath 2.0 started doing stuff with version 2 which took this long as they was actually no need till now
2006- Nokia 6680
Python on Series 60
maybe not a real computer but still very interesting to do programming on a phone (Symbian OS)
2006- Linux first steps, better later than never
2006- Actionscript (2) more Flash programming with more interest this time using open source tools to build complete flash applications
2005- Schematron really simple but powerful schema language which I should have looked into much earlier
2005- AJAX newest buzz around this time and I finally came around an idea what I could do with it. first app is a Python regular expression test "application" in a webbrowser.
2005- Weblog (WordPress) started a new weblog which I update more frequently than my first one and which has more technical topics
2005- Regular Expressions never really needed them till now but actually starting to grip the power (using Python)
2005- RelaxNG
finally used a really useful schema language (compared to DTDs ...) and also worked with some other X... stuff. And XSLT really is useful for lots of stuff ;)
2004 Weblog (PyDS) started first blog but never really got into the habit, at least not yet
2003- Python and Jython learned and used both at work and at home after being fed up with both ugly PHP, Perl and mighty complex Java which really does not have to be that complex...
2002- XML
starting using XML and also XSLT at work and later for personal projects too
2002- Windows XP Professional updated to XP quite early and got rid of home-windows (98/ME) completely
2002 Actionscript a bit of Flash programming but never really liked it
2001- DHTML CSS and Javascript for dynamic stuff
2000-2002 Windows 2000 professional work under Windows including some shell scripting
2000- PHP
started looking in both languages for web programming at work and at home
1999- Internet
HTML, CSS, Javascript
first internet access at home and also first web programming experiences and launch of own website. Almost completely passing and ignoring old HTML3 with table layout madness but instead focussing on CSS layouts.
1998-2000 Windows 98 / Windows NT Dual boot to play and work...
1998 BeOS short look into a promising OS which sadly did not (really) survive
1996- PC
( DOS/Windows 95)
first home PC, mostly used for doing graphics, home office and a bit of gaming. Bought as gaming replacement for SNES only but main use was actually for college work. Still no home internet yet...
1996- first email address, still being used as a spam reservoir ;)
1994-1995 SNES started playing again on best console at the time
1993- Mac OS 7
Photoshop 3...
use of various office and drawing programs at college
1987-1991 Amiga 500 classic follow up to C-64 at the time. Used less and less over the time - even for gaming - and finally got rid of any computer at home.
1982-1987 Apple II
learned to actually program in a "real" language at school
1982-1987 Commodore C-64
BASIC, some Logo and a bit C
first home computer! At the beginning actually doing some BASIC spaghetti coding but later used for gaming only...
1981 ZX-81 first "real" computer after pocket calculators, only used at school and friends