who I am

Guess I am generally curious but it's difficult to define oneself, so this is mainly from the professional point of view…

what my interests are

Generally information science and technology. Current special interests in:

Also interested in art and design, comics (mostly silver age), movies and moviescores, and jazz.

what I do and have done

Currently mostly developing (conceptually, interaction designwise, and codingly) usable and accessible websites in (X)HTML/CSS and Javascript.
Server side using XML/XSLT with/or Python/Jython (and Java/PHP if it can't be helped ;) and/or a selection of CMS systems.

Became interested in the www in about as late as 1999; doing research, concept, design, development of websites professionally for a german agency since.

Before that did a Master of Arts in design at the Royal College of Art, London. Before that designed bags for 2 years for a german company after having finished a product design “Diplom” in Germany. Before that finished school. Before that – well – first thing must have been my birth which I cannot remember though…

what I do know

general stuff

design stuff

development / IT stuff

tools I use


development tools

desktop software