xbrowser tests for HTML and CSS

just some small and uncomplete testpages. please feel free to test on your browser and send me your results. thanks!

Hover on touch devices aria-haspopup

Test for hover menus in touch including IE10 which is described in an article aria-haspopup

CSS clearfix without additional markup

Based on various hacks found on the net . I tried to put all together in one piece which currently works in all major browsers in both HTML and XHTML markup which especially IE7 handles very differently. Findings in other browsers are very welcome.
See the source of the files to see how the clearfix works.

2010-07-04 checked IE9PR3 and changed styling a bit

CSS selector support

a small testsuite of CSS selectors for crossbrowser development.

2007-12 added whitespace tests

CSS white-space support

2007-01 fixed white-space: nowrap typo, retestet browsers and added IE 5.01

a small testsuite of CSS selectors for crossbrowser development.

XBrowser CSS hacks

[2006] a small testsuite of CSS hacks to be used for all browsers including IE7. Very much dependent on the DOCTYPE used, currently only the one used in the testpage works.

popup min width test

2006-11 updates for IE 7 final

a small testsuite to test what the minimum width of a javascript popup of a browser is.

<object> test

[2003] a small testsuite of the acceptence of the <object> element in different browsers. mainly to find a better way to include flash on a website in xhtml.

html/css tests

[2001] a small testsuite of different css attributes for crossbrowser development.